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Randa Khalil Raad

Creations coming into being.

We find ourselves living in a world of random chance, unexpected happenings and constant iterations of ongoing direct experiences. Out of this cocktail of chaos and order - we often find ourselves faced with moments that can hardly be vocalized or expressed with the limitations of language. This inability to express, bottle, or label the felt experience is exactly what led Randa Khalil Road on her journey to extract inspiration out of silence.

Our pieces of art and contemplation do not represent ideology, existential opinions or passing trends. Instead, they are created out of the impulsive nature of creative energy, one that comes into being without force or exertion. Transforming what can never be said into tangible art that one can feel, touch, and admire.

Fine wires are coiled and twisted into complex and delicate shapes, here are everyday luxuries that exude its makers personality, quirks, perfection and flaws.

Randa learned jewellery design at the Museum of Islamic Art, during the late 1980s in Kuwait. Gradually her skills were refined and she begun her journey from an eager apprentice to a master of the trade. Her extensive collaborations with goldsmiths, stone setters and enamelists allowed her to develop her creativity from experts and creative souls from around the world. Her work carries a pattern of honed excellence of uniquely designed pieces that capture the soul of her oriental narrative with a dash of contemporary interpretation.

Randa creates first for her individual artistic needs, her own lifestyle and reality tunnel. Trying to put something of herself, her life experiences into each piece: a sentimental value of a personal touch. The next jewel resides only in her mind’s eye, as her workflow does not include any sketching or planning. Execution is largely based on creative bursts of flow.

Her approach is pure intuition, she defines what her work is and should be while focusing on abstract concepts such as movement and natural elements. For RKR, creations are not merely wearables, but meditative pieces of art and contemplation.